Double or nothing for health staff


FORMER Ipswich Hospital staff have been paid despite having resigned from Queensland Health more than two months ago.

Several former employees told The Queensland Times they had been paid what would have been their fortnightly pay even though they had resigned from the company. The revelation comes as Premier Anna Bligh promised to act against any individual or company blamed for the Queensland Health payroll bungle.

Thousands of Queensland Health staff have been underpaid, overpaid or not paid at all since the installation of new payroll technology in March.

One ex-Queensland Health employee, who didn’t want her name published, said she received $1500 in her bank account last week.

“It’s just ridiculous. My mates have been waiting for about six weeks now to get their correct pay and Queensland Health still can’t get it right but they can pay me what would have been my fortnightly pay even though I quit two months ago,” the woman said.

A current Ipswich Hospital staff member said she was “outraged” her pay hadn’t gone in again on Wednesday despite being reassured by Queensland Health the pay debacle was being sorted out.

“I am struggling to pay any of my bills and rely solely on my income from this job to support my family,” she said.

“I can’t believe they pay people who don’t even work for us anymore the correct amount but they can’t look after their own staff and get our bloody pay right.

“All we want is our pay and the correct fortnightly amount, not more, not less. It’s not too much too ask.”

Another Ipswich Hospital employee who had been promoted in the past two months told The QT he was receiving double payments.

“I’m getting paid my new salary amount plus what I was getting paid in my last position plus penalty rates,” he said.

Since the new payroll system came into affect on March 24, four fortnightly pay cycles have passed and each time more discrepancies within the government’s multi-million dollar system have been unveiled.

A Queensland Health spokeswoman said the department was working to rectify pay issues and admitted several former employees had accidentally received payments.

“Queensland Health acknowledges that our hardworking staff are not responsible for overpayment errors,” the spokeswoman said.

“If an overpayment does occur, Queensland Health is committed to working with the employee in a fair and compassionate way, based on the amount of overpayment and the ability to repay.”

Health Minister and Acting Premier Paul Lucas said the Government was committed to solving the payroll woes as soon as possible.

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