Rainbow Beach Sport and Recreation Club manager Rick Modin has a few other things he wants to include in Rainbow’s new aquatic centre.
Rainbow Beach Sport and Recreation Club manager Rick Modin has a few other things he wants to include in Rainbow’s new aquatic centre. Craig Warhurst

One-on-one with Rick Modin

Q. Welcome to One on One Rick and congratulations on the opening of the new aquatic centre.

You and the sport and rec club have been a huge part of the Rainbow Beach community for a long time now. How did it all get started?

A. The Rainbow Beach Sport and Recreation Club was started in 1980, I have been involved since 1977.

Back then all we had was an overgrown bowling green which was put in around 1975.

Our original building still forms part of the club (the main bar area). It used to be the old manual arts building from Gympie State High School built in 1917.

It was moved to the site in the early days and we fixed the bowling green up.

Q. The club has come a long way since then how did it all happen?

A. In the early 90s we did our first extension on the clubhouse and put in the tennis courts.

We got our first pokies in 1996, about the same time as the Gympie Hockey Centre got pokies.

We started the Rainbow Beach Fishing Classic in 2002 and in 2003 put some more extensions, a deck, on the clubhouse.

In 2007, we put on a major extension.

The extension gave the club a new reception area, function room, kitchen and now we have the aquatic centre in 2012.

Q. How long have you been planning the aquatic centre as a part of the club?

A. The aquatic centre has been on the long-term plan, now it is done.

We had a couple of false starts where we missed out on State Government funding - it put us back a couple of years.

Thankfully the federal money came in, we got around $1.5 million out of the feds.

The whole complex has come in at about $2.4 million, we (the club) have had to top up with about $700,000 to $800,000.

Q. So how do you feel now the pool is in and the community can use it?

A. We feel a bit broke.

The club has to build up some more money now.

It will be a couple of years before we can do anything else. It's great though - it has been well received by the community.

We have a full-time coach, two other learn-to-swim teachers and lifeguards.

We are offering swim squad training, learn to swim for mums and bubs to adults.

The surf lifesaving nippers can use it for proficiency.

We have fitness groups like boot camp, biggest loser and aqua aerobics running. We are heated and run all year long.

Gympie kids can come here and train in the winter months and with there being no hydrotherapy pool in Gympie we have wheelchair access and disabled facilities.

Q. So do you have any more plans for the pool?

A. Yes we hope to include a kids' play water park and a gymnasium.

Q. What about the rest of the club - any plans there?

A. We want to put in a new bowling green and put a cover on the first one.

We would also like to extend the function area and put a new carpark in to encourage more weddings and functions to the coast.

The club is a major employer in town - we have 30-odd staff.


Player profile

Name: Rick Modin

Nickname: The Boss, plus a few others.

Age: 52

Born: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Favourite food: Lamb chops

Favourite TV program: Law and Order

Favourite music: Eagles

Funniest moment at the club: I was on the bowling green one day a fair while ago now. I was about to send a bowl down when this goanna came out of the bush and onto the green. He must of thought I was a tree because he came haring straight at me. I took off at 100mph and he just kept chasing me. It was a pretty funny day.

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