Milk truck crashes

A TOLL Liquids truck driver was not injured after crashing on Saturday, in the weekend's third horror smash across the north and Sunshine Coast.

On the Bruce Highway south of the Sunshine Coast, traffic was thrown into chaos for about four hours after a south-bound Mary Valley milk tanker ran off the road and down an embankment at 11am.

At one stage the resulting traffic jam stretched 34km back to the Caloundra interchange.

“It took us a little over two hours to travel what would normally take about 35 minutes,” one motorist said.

“It was just stop-start, stop-start at first, and then it just stopped dead. There was no movement at all for about 25 minutes.

“Everyone was out of their cars, walking around and stretching their legs.

“We obviously weren't going anywhere.”

Several four-wheel-drive owners tried to go around the blockage off-road but became bogged beside the highway, the motorist said.

“When the traffic finally cleared we drove past about four of them who were waiting to be towed out.”

A police spokeswoman said the tanker did not lose any of its load but the salvage operation took some time as the milk had to be decanted to other vehicles.

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