Heat player Daniel Naismith will play in the new men’s competition starting Thursday night at Ramsey Park.
Heat player Daniel Naismith will play in the new men’s competition starting Thursday night at Ramsey Park. Codey Warhurst

Men's hockey to hit off at Ramsey

THE rebirth of men’s hockey in Gympie hits off tomorrow night at Ramsey Park after an 11 year hiatus.

The format for the first week will be a series of short round robin games amongst the teams listed below and a group meeting to discuss the format of the competition and playing colours.

Gympie hockey president Ian Wenzel is asking all players to be at the Hockey Club by 6pm to enable teams to be finalised.

He said any players who have not registered (not listed in teams), but who would like to participate, are asked to come along and any players who have nominated but are not playing are asked to contact him. . “We will not be forming more than five teams so some additional players may need to go onto a waiting list,” he said.

Teams for the 2010 season are:

Team 1:

Roady Parkes (GK), Jeff Gear, Codey Warhurst, David Dixon, David Innis, Joey Collins, Mitchell Collins, Scott Mackay, Denis Gerrard, Brad Turner, Jye Weller, Greg Garner, Jaydan Tappin, Luke Bishop, Brian Parker.

Team 2:

Kelly Hart (GK), Dean Walker, Jordan Warhurst, Scott Reedman, Darren Browne, Matt Hughes, Josh Mackay, Macca Reen, Brennan Wilson, Cohen Buckley, Sonny Pettit, Shannon Pettit, Jamie Austin, Paul De Serio, Rijk Hundling.

Team 3:

Clancy Adams (GK), Nathan Stephens, Dominic Stephens, Kaden Dickfos, Darren Walker, Neil McKean, John Cain, Duane Piert, David Menzies, Louis Johns, Michael Garthe, Peter Bambling, Simon Lynch, Jed Webb.

Team 4:

Brad Morgan (GK), Craig Warhurst, Ben Fitzpatrick, Drew Wenzel, Mitchell Halling, Jed Gaze, Nedd Edgar, Josh Young, Jack McKean, Troy McHarg, Peter Marshall, Ben Marshall, Reece Buckley, Matthew Dore, Wayne Grant.

Team 5 (Outdoor Power Centre):

Khan Elferson (GK), Peter Wilson, Jake Edgar, Tony Wildman, Billy Fernie, Wade Flikweert, Rick Hazelgrove, Cameron Nicol, Wayne Owen, Wayne Westlake, Col Wildman, Daniel Naismith, Lachlan Mount, Amos Whytlaw, Evan Patrick, Aidan Patrick.

Wenzel can be contacted on 0458 824 999.

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