Men urged to look after health

CANCER Council Queensland is urging Gympie men to discuss prostate cancer with their GP during Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

Acting team leader of community services Rachel Hull said 400 men from Gympie and the Sunshine Coast would be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year.

“With one in eight Queensland men at risk of developing prostate cancer in their lifetime, prostate cancer is a major issue in our community,” she said.

“Men should discuss the pros and cons of detecting prostate cancer early with their doctor and make an informed decision. Early prostate cancer usually has no symptoms, so men need to consider their personal risk of prostate cancer and how best to manage that risk.”

Ms Hull said some of the personal risks men needed to consider were their family history and age.

“Most men diagnosed with prostate cancer are 55 years of age or older and are highly likely to be overweight and have sedentary lifestyles.

“Men with a father or brother who had prostate cancer have at least twice the risk of prostate cancer and this risk increases if the relative was diagnosed before the age of 60. As the number of men with prostate cancer increases in our community, we need to be thinking about ways to help then enhance their quality of life,” Ms Hull said.

“There is evidence to suggest that higher levels of physical activity and strength may enhance men’s ability to manage the side effects of prostate cancer treatment, as well as helping with overall wellness.”

Ms Hull said anyone who has questions about prostate cancer, including the partners of men with prostate cancer, can call the Cancer Council Helpline on 13 11 20 for information or support.

Cancer Council Queensland is currently involved in the world’s first large-scale study to follow men with prostate cancer for five years from their diagnosis.

This research will help guide the development of world-leading supportive care interventions to help improve quality of life and potentially survival in Queensland men diagnosed with prostate cancer.

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