MEGA LIST: 58 people on charges in Gympie court today

THE following people are due to face Gympie Magistrates Court today, Thursday January 21 2021, on various charges:

Bailey, Toni Amanda Joann

Balkin, Daniel Dale

Barber, Jasmin Lee

Barkle, Candace Sheree

Bedford, Cintra Jean

Bennett, Levi

Bennett, Shane

Braun, William Vasily, Mr

Brough, Kieran Peter

Brown, James Nicholas Robert

Brown, Simon Ashley

Burnett, Emma Rosemary

Cullen, Max

Curran, Danni-Elle Rae

Cutter, Cameron James, Mr

Davis, Jake Carlin Richard

Deacon, Jamie-Lee William

Fitzgerald, Jushka Douglas

French, Michael Arthur

Gallaher, Christopher James

Gallaher, Samantha Louise Marree

Gillings, Anne-Marie

Glanville, Ashley

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Harris, Ross William

Henderson, Dylan Zane, Mr

Hickey Cooper, Cooper Robert

Higginbotham, Steven Lee

Hill, Benjamin Lee, Mr

Iddles, John Albert, Mr

Kennedy, Alan James

Kennedy, Gary Dallas

Kerr, Paul William

Killian, Bradey Andrew

Knight, Damien

Layfield Patience, Tyler Jay

Lester, Stephen Thomas

Martyn, Daniel George

Mayers, Steven Trevor

Mc Carthy, Mark Steven

Mcalpine, John Ernest

Mcdonald, Tamiqua Kiara

Mcgrath, Harry James

Metcalf, Graham Ronald

Meyer, Daimen Aris, Mr

Moxham, Tyson Christopher Lenn

Moynihan, Clare Maria

Murfitt, Emily Jane

Neilson, Laith John

Payne, Jason Robert

Portugaller, Christian

Power, Dean James, Mr

Russell, Scott Luke, Mr

Staib, David Andrew

Tracey-Bower, Steven

Watene, Allan, Mr

Webb, Caroline Edith Sharee

Webster, Robyn Gai

White, Tyson Daniel

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