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Mayor's choice on Rattler review does not ease concern


THE fact that the Mayor has chosen which company that will do the review on the Rattler raises many questions.

There are many concerns surrounding this project including the lack of due diligence, the massive blow-outs and what was known and when.

In my opinion the information that was left at my business clearly demonstrates that the Mayor was privy to information that suggests that the original budget of $10.8 million was never going to be enough.

I am concerned that this information may have been known prior to March 2017, before council issued the contracts for repairs.

I am also of the opinion that this was never presented to councillors for their consideration.

To have these people organise an investigation into this project makes no sense and for the reasonable person it may seem to be seen as odd as putting the patient in charge of the prescription.

In my opinion, I raised issues as far back as January 2017 and the Mayor ignored these concerns.

It would have made sense to consult councillors prior to the announcement that there was going to be an inquiry so that they could have some input into the scope of the inquiry.

Without further detail I am concerned that this will just be another smoke and mirror session.

I have been calling for an independent evaluation of this project for nearly 18 months but the Mayor's announcement does little ease my concerns.

It may just be another waste of time and rate payers money.

Glen Hartwig,

Gympie Regional Councillor

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