Mary Valley looks to its future

THE Mary Valley wants you – and your business and promotional ideas, according to the area's self-generated Mary Valley Community and Economic Action Plan.

And that is just one of the major “people power” projects currently underway in the region.

Another is yesterday's Gympie Region Business and Community Forum, held at the Gympie Civic Centre, to help businesses and community groups get on with the job of surviving and benefiting from available challenges and opportunities.

The Mary Valley plan, released after a lengthy process of community consultation and motivation, has been presented to the Queensland Department of Infrastructure and Planning as a start to the community's insistence on being heard from now on.

Mary Valley Renewal Team spokesperson Glenda Pickersgill said the plan outlined a range of community goals, prepared in association with affiliated Renewal Team organisations, all 31 of them listing themselves as part of the alliance.

Ms Pickersgill said the plan established a framework for the individual plans of people, businesses and organisations interested in the Valley and its future.

“We've got a framework and we want people to start thinking and talking about how their individual business and personal plans might fit in, so we can work together to build a future,” she said.

The plan was intended to reflect the economic, social and cultural aspirations of the community, now and into the future.

The huge list of organisations and businesses involved in developing the plan proves its grass roots authority.

They include the Fraser Coast, Gympie and Sunshine Coast Regional Councils and the full range of community and business groups that developed during the campaign against the now-defunct Traveston Crossing dam proposal.

Ms Pickersgill said the plan was developed as a response to the new freedom of the Mary Valley from a future which had previously been “bound to the Traveston Crossing dam”.

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