Property checks for weeds to start

URBAN and rural properties on either side of the Mary River will soon be subject to pest inspections under the Lands Protection Act, under a three-month program to detect declared weeds on private land.

A report to this week’s Gympie Regional Council meeting said the inspections were “to monitor compliance in relation to declared pests, to aid in monitoring and mapping the distribution and spread of declared pests, to promote landowners best practice in the treatment of declared pests and to ensure that persons or organisations holding Declared Pest Permits are complying with the requirements of the Act.”

The report said the inspections would be conducted “on urban and rural properties” and would also include places open to the public.

These will include plant nurseries, landscape garden suppliers, seed merchants, stock fodder and quarry material suppliers.

The report said the areas were in locations for which inspection by council officers is feasible within three months “and the area is considered a high priority for all pests declared under the Act, in accordance with the Local Government Area Pest Management Plan.”

Areas east of the Mary River in the Gympie Regional Council area will be inspected between October 1 and December 31, with similar dates (October 2 to January 1) for the area west of the river.

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