Marriage Alphabet Soup: LGBTIQA and more

If you listen to some politicians, personalities and popular people, calls to legalise same sex (SS) marriages apparently is what the majority wants.

A heterosexual (H) marriage, that being between a heterosexual male (HM) and heterosexual female (HF), or to be politically correct, heterosexual persons (HP), is the only legally recognised union in Australia.

Change for change sake will probably happen to include same sex marriages. When that happens, I guess marriages will consist of couples whose persuasion is heterosexual (H), lesbian (L) or gay (G).

Now there is terminology for another group if you are not a (H), that being (LGBTIQA), Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Intersex Questioning and Allies.

Regarding marriages, I can see that (H), (L) and (G) are covered but what happens to (B), (T), (I), (Q) and (A) folk?
If (SS) marriages are legalised, can a (B) marry a (T)? What if a (A) isn't the (SS) as a (Q)? and what if (I), who doesn't fit either definition of being male or female, wants to marry another (A), is this a (H) or (SS) marriage? Or both?

If you don't think you fit any of these groups, you should stand up and shout discrimination. Then maybe a group of the remaining 14 or so letters can be established for you.

At the end of the day we are all (H) and that means HUMAN, and to make marriage laws more complicated when the world is hell bent on destroying itself and a holiday to Europe is equivalent to Active Reserve, aren't there bigger things to worry about.

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