Man unlocks door for police to find 'mystery' drugs

'NEVER seen them before,' he said.

An adamant Adrian Stallan told police he'd never seen the drugs and drug utensils including a pink water pipe officers found in his locked bedroom.

But to enter his bedroom Stallan unlocked the pin code of a padlock on his door for the police officers to go inside.

The drugs and paraphernalia were located on Stallan's bedside table and a drawer. Two bundles of cash were also seized.

Adrian Joseph Stallan, 55, from Goodna, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to possession of dangerous drugs at Goodna on July 11; possessing anything for use in the commission of a crime on May 31 and July 11; two counts of being in possession of property ($1040 in Australian currency) suspected of being the proceeds of a drug offence; two counts of possession of drug utensils in May and July ; receiving tainted property - a mobile phone on May 31; and possession of a weapon - a taser.

Prosecutor Acting Sergeant Bernard Elmore said police went to Stallan's home at 6pm on May 31. Stallan used a lock pincode to enter his bedroom to allow police entry.


Police found a box with methylamphetamine in a bedside drawer. Again, Stallan said he had never seen before.

Two silver bowls smelled of marijuana.

Stallan said these were not his because he did not smoke marijuana. He also said a cone piece was not his.

Sgt Elmore said a water pipe and a smaller glass pipe that held methylamphetamine (ice) residue, along with a brass pipe were also found.

Police found $440 in cash, with Stallan saying it was a birthday gift.

Stallan said a bundle of $600 in notes was from a pokies win. Stallan said a taser was used as a torch as the taser part was faulty.

Sgt Elmore said Stallan's criminal history suggested a long-standing problem with substance abuse.

Magistrate Kurt Fowler fined him $400 for having the taser.

He was sentenced to eight months' jail and to lesser jail terms - and given immediate parole.

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