Man plays down his coronavirus fears

A SOUTH Grafton man whose court case was adjourned because of concerns about coronavirus, says it is unlikely he has the disease.

On Monday Kevin Blanch turned up at Grafton Local Court, where his case was listed to be heard.


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He had flu-like symptoms and told his solicitor, Greg Coombes, he was concerned about his illness.

Mr Coombes said Mr Blanch looked unwell and told him he might have been infected with the coronavirus, but Mr Blanch said this was not so.

On Monday Mr Coombes said Mr Blanch was reluctant to hand over documents relating to his case and Mr Coombes was happy not to receive them.

He has closed his office and said he was only contacting clients over the phone to minimise contact with people in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr Coombes said Mr Blanch had done the right thing by keeping his distance at the courthouse and making sure he didn't go into the building.

"I told him to go home and keep away from people," Mr Coombes said.

Mr Blanch said a family member had a sore throat and other cold symptoms and he had picked it up.

"It's just something I picked up from my son. It's nothing," he said.

Mr Blanch said he would not get himself tested for coronavirus as it was unnecessary.

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