Man threatens policeman's kids

A MAN threatened to kill a police officer's children, telling their parents he would "bring them down, you better believe it, I will kill your boys".

Danny Wright Poole, 50, stood out the front of his house on Blackstone Rd, Silkstone, at 3.30am on November 26 last year screaming abuse and threats at his neighbour, a police officer.

The officer saw and heard Poole scream out: "You - my cop neighbour - you better believe it I will kill your boys".

Poole then started punching a rock retaining wall while he hollered: "You think I'm bad now - you have seen nothing yet".

The mother of the two boys, aged four and six, bundled her terrified children into their car and fled.

Ipswich District Court was told there had been no previous animosity between the officer and Poole and no reason could be provided as to why he made the threats.

A victim impact statement tendered at Ipswich District Court said the youngest child still had trouble sleeping through the night.

Crown prosecutor Sarah Maleckas said Poole's conduct on the night was concerning and the results had left significant effects on the young family.

Ms Maleckas said Poole was on bail for possessing dangerous drugs, utensils and supplying alcohol to a minor at the time of the offence.

He has spent the past 207 days in custody.

The prior offences occurred on November 8 last year when police raided Poole's home and found 34 cannabis seeds and five pipes to smoke the drug.

Poole also admitted to serving about nine home-brew vodka drinks to a 15-year-old girl when she and her two friends came to his house between August 23 and 29 last year.

He pleaded guilty to threatening violence at night, possessing dangerous drugs and utensils, and supplying liquor to a minor.

He was sentenced to four months prison, but with almost seven months already served he was released immediately.

Defence barrister Andrew West said most of Poole's elderly neighbours thought his regular street rantings were that of a "fool" rather than someone with malicious intentions.

Mr West said Poole was somewhat of "a loner" and lived on his own, and on the night of the offence had mixed valium and alcohol which led to his bizarre behaviour.

In sentencing, Judge Deborah Richards said someone who threatened violence to young children at night would receive a harsher penalty, but took into account Poole's lack of criminal history and his time already served.

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