Gympie man jailed for threatening to kill former partner

A GYMPIE man who threatened to slit his former partner's throat and burn her house down has been sentenced to 18 months behind bars.

Jamie-Lee William Deacon, 22, pleaded guilty to unlawful stalking with violence on June 11 in Maroochydore District Court but the sentencing was adjourned because of a legal issue.

Deacon also pleaded guilty to distributing child exploitation material.

Brisbane District Court heard on Friday, when the sentencing hearing resumed, the offences took place between September 21 and October 11, 2014.

The court heard Deacon had been in a tumultuous relationship which his victim who he had known for several years.

The woman ended the relationship and commenced one with Deacon's cousin which he took exception to.

The court heard Deacon bombarded his former partner with threatening text messages saying he was going to kill her, slit her throat and burn down her house with her and her child inside.

He also downloaded an image from the internet of a naked girl who was aged between three and six and sent it to his former partner and this resulted in the child exploitation charge.

The court heard Deacon was serving a 12-month suspended sentence for an unrelated matter imposed in the Gympie District Court in 2013 when the latest offences took place.

Judge Gary Long re-activated the suspended sentence and further sentenced Deacon to 18 months behind bars for his latest brush with the law.

He took into account the 128 days Deacon has already served behind bars and further ordered the sentences to be served concurrently.

Deacon will be eligible to apply for parole from August 10.

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