Toowoomba Courthouse Photo Bev Lacey / The Chronicle
Toowoomba Courthouse Photo Bev Lacey / The Chronicle Bev Lacey

Man jailed for knife wielding drunken tirade

AN OAKEY man has been jailed for threatening to kill two people with a knife he wielded about during a drunken tirade.

Gordon Lance White had spent the week in the Toowoomba police station watch house after being arrested for the incident at Dalby in the early hours of Saturday.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Lea Trewin told the court the 42-year-old had been drinking at a Dalby hotel on Friday night before returning to the Scarlet St residence of his nephew and niece.

About 3.15am he had armed himself with a large serrated kitchen knife and threatened the two victims, yelling "I'll butcher you all", "I'll kill you and stab you", Snr Const. Trewin said.

Fearful, the two people ran out into the street followed by White.

The woman threw two beer bottles at White to try and stop him as he rushed at her, the court heard.

He was eventually disarmed and taken back inside.

Police arrived and called for White to come out of the house but he had refused and was found by police hiding in a cupboard in the laundry, Snr Const. Trewin said.

A police search of the house found an orange-handled knife with a 15cm blade allegedly used in the incident, the court heard.

He had then struggled with police when arrested and again at the Dalby police station watch house where he called a police woman a derogatory term and threatened her.

He was also caught on the watch house CCTV cameras putting wet toilet paper over the camera lens in order to block the police officers' view of him in the cell, the court heart.

White, who turns 43 on Saturday, appeared in custody to plead guilty to making threats, two counts of going armed so as to cause fear and three counts of obstructing police.

His lawyer Kevin Rose told the court his client was on a disability pension due to long-standing alcoholism.

His client instructed he was remorseful for his behaviour and that he loved his niece and nephew, he said.

"Funny way to show love," Acting Magistrate Jason Schubert remarked.

Mr Rose acknowledged his client had seven pages of criminal history but for the last 10 years White had fairly well stayed out of trouble.

Mr Schubert accepted by his history that White had shown that he could stay out of trouble but said this offending was quite serious.

"Courts cannot condone people behaving in the manner you did."

He sentenced White to nine months in jail but ordered he be released on parole as of May 17 after having served a further two months in custody.

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