Man abused off-duty police

EVERY time he comes back to Gympie, he gets in trouble, Scott Ian Preitz told Gympie Magistrates Court when he faced a charge of committing a public nuisance for abusing a police officer.

Preitz had been sitting on the railing at the Monkland Street taxi rank about 2am on July 10 when he recognised two off-duty police officers walking past.

He swore at them and was told to get in a taxi and go home, but Preitz did not stop yelling abuse.

Even with warnings from the officers about being arrested, Preitz continued relentlessly until they called the station for a police car to be sent down.

“I was blind rotten drunk,” Preitz told the court.

“I don’t like (the sergeant) and he don’t like me.”

Magistrate Maxine Baldwin said Preitz should have had the decency and common sense to avoid getting into the situation.

“Police officers who work in this community should be able to go out and not be subjected to abuse,” she said.

Preitz said there was an ongoing problem between him and the sergeant, and admitted his actions were stupid as “nothing was gained from it”.

He was also in court to deal with July 21 offences of possession of a dangerous drug, cannabis, and possession of a bong and bowl used in connection with the offence.

Preitz, of Nash Road, Araluen, was placed on a $300 bond to be of good behaviour for six months for the drug offences and fined $200 for committing a public nuisance.

In another matter, the court heard a late payment combined with the wrong mix of medication led a woman, 27, to damage a sign in the Centrelink office.

Teresa Ann Chilly, of Mount Pleasant Road, created a scene at Centrelink on June 22 and was charged with wilful damage.

She was placed on a good behaviour bond for six months and ordered to pay restitution of $154.

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