Man 'feared for his life' after stabbing, threats at Yamba

A YAMBA resident who stabbed a man in the leg for refusing to drive him may be out of jail by September.

Courtney Walker, 28, was led to the Grafton Local Court docks in handcuffs and prison greens on Tuesday for sentencing on a string of charges stemming from four separate incidents over a two-month period last year.

Two counts of stalk/intimidate stemmed from a verbal interaction with council rangers on Manly Rd, Sydney, in the early hours of October 8, 2016.

These were followed by two separate instances where Walker, who was disqualified from driving until 2024, was pulled over and charged with drive whilst disqualified, once at Drake on the Bruxner Highway and once at Yamba.

On November 25, 2016, he was also charged with suspected stolen goods in custody over a set of pensioner concession, bank, gift and rewards cards found in his bum bag.

But arguably the most serious incident, which landed him in custody from December 16, happened at the Ngaru mission in Yamba.

Walker pleaded guilty to charges of take and drive, reckless wounding, mid-range drink driving and drive whilst disqualified after he was arrested for stabbing a 42-year-old man through the leg with a pair of scissors, then driving off in his van.

Agreed facts revealed that prior to the stabbing, Walker threatened the victim several times in an attempt to make him drive him around, before taking the vehicle himself.

When police responding to the incident arrived at Ngaru, Walker stopped the car and ran into bushland but was arrested after a foot pursuit. A victim impact statement submitted to the court, read in part by Magistrate J Linden on Tuesday, told how the victim of the stabbing "feared for his life".

Walker's defence solicitor agreed the matters were serious and warranted a jail sentence, but asked the magistrate to take into account the fact the 28-year-old had few matters of violence in his criminal history and had a disadvantaged upbringing.

He also asked that Walker be considered for a local rehabilitation, but it was noted he had already attended the program and left before it was over.

Magistrate J Linden also said a pre-sentence report put the accused at a medium-high risk of re-offending.

For Walker's charges, he was convicted and sentenced to a total of 18 months in jail, with a non-parole period of nine months.

He will be eligible for release in September.

Walker also received a two-year driving disqualification.

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