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Man drunk, high on ice during Oz Day Foodworks robbery

HE had been drinking at his mother's place on Australia Day 2017 when a group of friends turned up and they decided to commit armed robbery.

Johnson Alfred Mundraby, 22, pleaded guilty on January 24, 2018, in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court to the armed robbery of the North Rockhampton Foodworks from the previous year, along with stealing a car, stealing a television weeks earlier and dishonestly obtaining money.

Crown prosecutor Alexandra Baker said the four co-accused were under 17 and had arrived at the house where Mundraby had been all day drinking.

She said the five decided to "obtain money" and pocketed knives before leaving the house and then stole a car.

"They originally scoped out the Foodworks in south Rockhampton but decided it was too busy to rob," Ms Baker said.

"They then proceeded to the North Rockhampton store."

The group arrived at the store at 7.45pm and disguised themselves before splitting up. One remained in the car and the others loitered outside watching customers leave.

Ms Baker described the store as a "soft target" as the two attendants in the store at the time were 16 and 17 years old.

She said once the store was clear of customers, Mundraby ran up to the counter, produced a knife and demanded money.

She said one co-accused joined him at the counter immediately and two others joined them once the money was produced.

Police attended Mundraby's house the following day and matched his clothes to the ones worn during the armed robbery the night before. He made full admissions.

Barrister Ross Lo Monaco said Mundraby had been addicted to drugs at the time, including ice.

"He had just got back from Gladstone the day before," he said.

"He was on ice and had been drinking before the boys arrived."

Mr Lo Monaco said Mundraby admits it was a stupid mistake.

The court heard Mundraby had stolen a television and sold it to others in Gladstone in January and he had breached bail three times by failing to report to police.

Judge Michael Burnett ordered a head sentence of three years, declared 207 days presentence custody and gave Mundraby immediate parole.

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