A HERO base jumper dived off a 160m drop in England to save a friend who had crash-landed at the bottom of the cliff.

The first man jumped but crashed at the bottom, breaking his hip at Beachy Head in Sussex.

The second jumper, a trained paramedic, wasted no time in diving off after him and immediately began administering first aid to his friend.

The man was eventually picked up by a search and rescue helicopter and taken to hospital.

A Coastguard spokesman said: "This afternoon, Birling Gap Coastguard team were tasked to a base jumper whose parachute had pulled him towards the cliff."

"It was reported by his friends that one of the other base jumpers was a paramedic, who immediately jumped off the cliff to his aid. A lifeboat, along with the Search & Rescue Helicopter from Lydd in Kent, which arrived first, were also tasked."

News Corp Australia

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