A trip to buy pizza led to the offending.
A trip to buy pizza led to the offending.

Man caught after 5 years on run from drunken crash

A DRUNKEN pizza craving ended in a car crash and five years on the run for a 56-year-old Dalby man.

The offending finally caught up with him when he was pulled over for an RBT in Calliope.

It all started on September 16, 2015 when Danny Roy Harris drove from his home to the Dalby Dominos store, where on a left turn he struck a parked car before he continued to drive to collect his pizza.

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Witnesses saw Harris mount the footpath before he hit the parked car which caused moderate damage to the front and side of the vehicle and Harris made no attempt to stop.

Harris initially denied being involved in a crash and hid behind a tree.

A short time later he returned to his car, saw the witness and hid behind the tree again.

He eventually left on foot.

Police attended Harris's address to speak to him about the incident.

When they arrived, Harris closed a wooden door shut and locked it and turned on music.

Police forced entry and found Harris hiding in a bedroom cupboard.

Harris blew 0.167 on a breath test.

At the time he was on a work licence but when questioned he said he said he was not driving for work and was in fact unemployed.

At first Harris agreed he had been in the crash but then denied it.

He failed to appear in the Dalby Court House on September 17 and a warrant for his arrest was issued on October 15.

After five years on the lam Harris was stopped for a random breath test in Calliope on August 31 this year.

A police check showed Harris was wanted on a warrant.

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He said he had moved interstate to the Northern Territory and recently moved back to Queensland. At the time Harris was unlicensed.

Harris pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court on November 13 to eight charges including drink driving, disqualified driving and obstructing police.

Defence lawyer Brandon Selic said the majority of the offending happened during a "bad year" for Harris.

He said following sentencing Harris planned to move to Adelaide.

Harris was fined $1800 and disqualified from driving for two and a half years.

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