A MAN charged with dangerous driving across parts of Ipswich, including travelling at 140kms/h, has appeared in court.

Andrew Robert Daley, 44, is accused of breaking into a number of sheds on a rural property on Gatton-Laidley Rd in Forest Hill.

Police will allege the Telina man also stole a Toyota Landcruiser from the property before engaging in a dangerous rampage which included driving down the wrong side of the Warrego Hwy.

About 2pm on June 11, the Landcruiser was seen being driving through a number of fences on rural properties in the Rosewood Thagoona areas.

On one occasion, Daley allegedly drove the vehicle through a fence at a property on Dellvene Crescent towards a police officer.

The officer was not physically injured.

The vehicle then allegedly travelled onto the Warrego Highway where it was tracked by Pol Air 1 and observed driving at speeds in excess of 140 kilometres per hour and on the incorrect side of the highway towards oncoming traffic.

It will be further alleged that the man then drove to Downs St in Ipswich where he then got out of the vehicle and was arrested by police.

Daley is facing two counts of enter premises with intent to commit indictable offence, enter premises and commit indictable offence by break, unlawful use of a motor vehicle, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and adversely affected by an intoxicated substance, wilful damage, driving a vehicle without a licence (disqualified) and driving with number plates belonging to another vehicle.

His matter was mentioned in Ipswich magistrates court this week and is due back on July 12 after his lawyer has had time to review the Pol Air footage.

Daley has been remanded in custody.

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