Inky McIntosh Bridge, Station Creek.
Inky McIntosh Bridge, Station Creek. Contributed

Major repair work needed

WIDGEE residents are up in arms over the latest development, closure of Inky McIntosh Bridge which crosses Station Creek on the area's main road.

With concerns about Glastonbury and Widgee bridges down to one lane, access for the areas' residents has been severely disrupted and ongoing effects may be far-reaching.

Once the flood waters receded in the local rivers and creeks, inspectors were out to check on the safety of bridges and crossings.

Immediate action at the damaged Widgee bridge provided much-needed access for residents and drive-through traffic and with the re-opening of Shepherd Bridge, Gympie's Southside shops were accessible via Rocks Rd.

However, previous reports from Widgee showed photos of the damage in and around the structures of local bridges.

The bridge at Glastonbury is of concern with what appears to be erosion around foundations and the roadway badly damaged. However, inspectors are allowing traffic to cross.

Inspectors also checked the bridge at Station Creek and gave the "all clear" as no signs were erected or any witches hats put in place.

Heavy trucks and vehicles continue to use this bridge and add to the stress on the structure.

Maintenance and repairs have been carried out within the last few years on bridges at Widgee Creek, Little Widgee Creek, Inky McIntosh Bridge, TE Betts Bridge at Glastonbury, and the bridge at Eel Creek.

These bridges should have been upgraded and replaced instead of the continual repairs and fix-ups.

Wooden bridges in major towns and cities are now a thing of the past.

Why are country areas such as Widgee, Woolooga, Lower Wonga and Glastonbury, not to mention many others in and around the Wide Bay region, have to contend with the patched-up roads and bridges to access major centres and businesses?

How does the man on the land get his goods to market, cattle to the abattoir, the worker from home to his place of employment?

Roads and bridges are the lifeline of our towns and cities. It is time money was allocated to fix these problems instead of using what appears as glue and matchsticks for repairs.

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