Lookalikes punched man we argued with: assault accused pair

TWO Ipswich brothers claim they walked away from a confrontation at a Brisbane nightclub before the man they confronted ended up in hospital with bleeding on the brain.

The Crown says, on the brothers' version, two people who looked liked them, wore similar clothes and had similar ethnicity must have turned up straight after they left and repeatedly punched the man they had argued with.

Former Ipswich Jets player Leslie Alovili, 21, and his brother Nganatatafu Folau Alovili, 23, have pleaded not guilty in Brisbane District Court to causing grievous bodily harm to a 24-year-old man in the Mystique nightclub's smoking area on May 18 last year.

Crown prosecutor Shauna Rankine told the jury the injured victim, barely known to the brothers, allegedly copped one punch from Leslie before Nganatatafu followed with about three more blows.

She said they would hear from independent witnesses who were in the smoking area that night, some describing the victim falling to the ground without bracing himself because he was unconscious.

Ms Rankine said the brothers' claim they walked away did not fit with witness statements.

"It isn't credible to the point of ridiculous," he said.

"You'll be satisfied it was these two men who assaulted (the alleged victim)".

The trial continues.

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