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Lohan's car 'hit toddler in pram'

LINDSAY Lohan's car accidentally clipped a toddler in a pushchair, it has been claimed.

The 'Machete' actress - who served 13 days in jail last month as part of a sentence for violating the terms of probation set following a 2007 driving under the influence conviction - reportedly struck the stroller on Wednesday (01.09.10) after failing to look both ways before turning down the street in her Maserati.

Witness Brayan Jaime said: "There was a woman pushing a kid in the stroller, maybe a two or three-year-old, crossing the street. Lindsay took the red light and hit the stroller. It wasn't super hard, but she made impact and hit them. Lindsay pulled to the right, stopped for two seconds, and then just kept going."

The 24-year-old actress - who was released from a court ordered rehab earlier this month - denied the incident had even happened.

When contacted for comment, she told website "I don't know what you're talking about."

However Brayan insisted the troubled 'Mean Girls' actress was the driver as he followed her from the scene.

He said: "I'm 100 per cent sure Lindsay was driving because I saw her with my own eyes.

"She was just driving like crazy once I started following her. She was trying to lose me, blowing stop signs and stuff. Lindsay was scared because she knew I saw what she did."

A second witness at the scene confirmed that Lindsay was driving but said she may not have realised the incident had taken place as contact was minimal.

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