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Lohan ex in deep over dog attack

SAMANTHA Ronson is being sued for just under $1 million because her dog killed another mutt. 

The DJ - who has previously dated Lindsay Lohan - is the focus of a claim by Farnouche Kamran, who claims Samantha's bulldog Cadillac killed her two-year-old Maltese pooch Tiger in an attack in West Hollywood as well as causing injury to her on August 30.

The lawsuit, filed in Southern California today, states: "It viciously and repeatedly bit Kamran, who was leaving her own unit also located on the 12th floor, as well as her white, Maltese breed dog, weighing approximately 3lbs, named Tiger. 

"Kamran suffered physical injuries including bites to her head, hands, and other body parts while Tiger sustained injuries which resulted in his unfortunate death." 

She claims Cadillac got out of Ronson's apartment because the front door was open, and an unknown man standing in her doorway did not stop the two dogs from fighting. 

The suit, obtained by, adds: "During the attack upon Plaintiff and her dog, Tiger, Plaintiff, repeatedly screamed for 'help', specifically to the unknown man standing inside the open doorway of Defendant's Ronson's apartment who watched the attack and did nothing as Ronson's dog Cadillac ferociously attacked Plaintiff and killed her dog Tiger." 

Kamran's lawyer Ronald Richards claimed Cadillac was a "dangerous dog" and believes people should be held "legally responsible". 

He said: "Our client has been a victim of a combination of selfishness, greed and a callous disregard for the safety of herself and her deceased pet. 

"The loss of one's pet that comes as a result of the neglect of an owner of a dangerous dog that has a propensity and history of violence against other dogs and people is the type of unavoidable tragedy that needs to be addressed through the civil justice system." 

As well as suing Ronson, Kamran is also seeking compensation from Monica Holtzer, the landlord of the building in which she lives, and is hoping to gain $750,000 in damages, medical expenses and her costs covered, as well as a ban on Cadillac living in the building. 

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