Quarry debate starts in court

THE Kin Kin Community Group (KKCG) will face the Sunshine Coast Regional Council and Kin Kin Quarry owners The Neilsen Group in Planning and Environment Court on Monday.

KKCG President Gary Martin said it was a “big case” that cost the community a “huge amount of money” with more than $100,000 spent on the campaign so far.

“It will cost nearly another $100,000. It’s not fair the community should have to raise all that money to defend themselves from something that should never have happened in the first place,” Mr Martin said.

Held in Maroochydore, the hearing will go for eight days.

Mr Martin said KKCG was challenging council and other respondents in relation to the legality of approvals for the quarry along Shepperson’s Lane.

He encouraged residents to show their continuing support for the KKCG by attending at least one day of the hearing. The KKCG want a new material change of use (MCU) for the quarry first approved in 1987.

“We have a strong case,” he said.

“Other land owners in the area making very small changes have to submit an MCU. The quarry is going from approximately 10 trucks per year to 40 trucks per day.”

Mr Martin said council should have asked the Neilson Group to submit a new MCU and complete a full environmental impact study.

“We want the Department of Main Roads involved...they will look very seriously at the application because the road between Kin Kin and Pomona in inadequate for the large volume of heavy trucks.”

Mr Martin said he appreciated the steady flow of donations and fund-raising events, which had helped to cover fees so far, however the fund needed a lot more money to see the KKCG through to victory.

“The financial burden, which has been carried mainly by a few very generous individuals and volunteer workers so far, needs to be shared by the whole community.”

He urged supporters to dig deep and donate what they could spare.

“Our lifestyles and safety depend on us winning.”

You can donate in person at the Kin Kin Post Office or via bank deposit; details are available on the KKCG website, www.kkcg.org.au.

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