Local government referendum on same day as federal election

VOTERS will be asked to vote "Yes" for changes to the nation's constitution to recognise local government when they hit the ballot box in September.

After an expert panel, parliamentary inquiry and long campaign by the Australian Local Government Association, a referendum on constitutional recognition of local government will be held on the same day as the federal election.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Local Government Minister Anthony Albanese joined ALGA chief Mayor Felicity-Ann Lewis and Brisbane Mayor Graham Quirk to announce the referendum.

The same vote was put to the public twice before, and failed.

But Ms Gillard said a wide, grassroots campaign and bipartisan federal political support could help it succeed.

"We will be asking the Australian people to vote yes for local communities, yes for local government," she said.

Despite doubts about the potential success of the referendum, Mayor Lewis called on local councils around the country to get out and tell the community how it would improve services.

The constitutional change would need a majority of Yes votes from a majority of states and territories to succeed.

It would remove the need for federal funds to be funnelled through state governments before filtering down to the third tier of government.

Should local government be recognised in the constitution?

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