Little black box helping crash investigators

BLACK boxes in cars are helping police investigators piece together how crashes occurred.

But police using this data for investigations has come under fire from privacy groups.

Most modern cars have Event Data Recorders built in to record how heavily a driver was accelerating, braking and where they were steering in the seconds leading up to a crash.

The device also records the car's detection systems including lane departure warnings and collision detection to see if the driver noticed danger before the car or reacted to the car's alarms.

Most EDRs record about 30 seconds of data and only preserve data in the event of a crash.

But the Electronic Privacy Advocacy Network has warned there is a lack of consumer knowledge about EDRs.

The privacy group has also expressed concerns about how secure the EDRs are and a consumers access to, and ownership of, the stored information.

USC Gympie numbers on the rise

USC Gympie numbers on the rise

Over 100 new students attend official Orientation program.

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