Olsen competing for FAME title

IN the best shape of her life Lindy Olsen cuts an impressive figure and you can bet she will be giving the USA contestants of the FAME World Championships a run for their money at her pro debut next month.

Leaving for Los Angeles on Friday, Lindy will compete in the Natural Universe bodybuilding competition and then defend her world title in Vegas for the natural figure section of the Fitness, Athletes, Models and Entertainment (FAME) body building championships.

“I’m excited, hopefully I can give the US guys and girls the what for,” said the blonde bombshell.

“I’ve made some big improvements in my physique this year. Shoulder and legs were previously a weakness.”

The former Gympie girl said she was “wrapt” that the events were fully drug tested. “I want to make sure all the other athletes are on the same page.”

She has competed in two world titles and holds three titles, for different categories, in her collection.

“My only goal is to get up there in better shape than I was in last time I competed. Then I will be absolutely wrapt, any better is a bonus.”

To be the best Lindy keeps a keen focus on her nutrition and training.

A typical day sees her waking up with a one hour cardio session before a full day at work; the model runs her own fitness coaching business and is also the editor Oxygen Magazine. She then finishes off with a one hour gym session, half an hour of posing and heads home for another hour of cardio.

But running isn’t a part of her exercise regime she confessed.

“I never run, I walk fast – it’s designed to burn the fat while maintaining the muscle.”

Lindy eats a lot of whole foods and follows her seven rules of success – that include eating protein with every meal, five serves of vegies a day and good fats.

“It’s very exciting for me this time around. I hope to be in my best shape ever.”

A full list of Lindy’s seven rules and updates of the world championships trip can be found on her website www.lindyolsen.com

With nearly 9000 members online Lindy said it was mind boggling that a self confessed “fat girl” was now living her dream.

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