Warren Truss.
Warren Truss.

Truss won't announce plans

NATIONALS Leader and Federal member for Wide Bay Warren Truss, won’t announce what his plans for Wide Bay are until later on in his election campaign, said his spokesperson Simon Kelly yesterday.

When asked what Mr Truss planned to do to reduce unemployment levels in the region after announcing a comprehensive plan for unemployment in Wide Bay through a leaflet distributed in letter boxes last week, Mr Kelly said Mr Truss planned on making local announcements in the coming weeks that built on existing coalition policies including cutting business tax and repaying Labor’s debt.

But he couldn’t tell The Gympie Times what the announcements would be or what Mr Truss planned to do for the region if re-elected.

Mr Kelly did say he would keep us up to date as the announcements were made.

Over the weekend Australian Labor Party Wide Bay candidate Nikolee Ansell said she was concerned the Liberal National Party would scrap the National Broadband Network (NBN) planned for Wide Bay.

“(A) coalition government would stop the NBN rollout and revert to the failed broadband policies of the Howard government,” she said.

“The NBN is so important to the Wide Bay; to insure that the region is not left behind.”

Ms Ansell said the project would produce 25,000 jobs a year for eight years and 37,000 at its peak, jobs that would be lost if the program is scrapped.

“We need to understand that if this initiative is scrapped, impact will occur to health, education and business.

“Even the coalition is divided on this issue because of the effect it will have on regional areas.”

While Mr Truss announced a Coalition Government would boost the numbers of doctors, dentists and nurses practising in rural and regional areas.

“One of the biggest issues for medical care in Wide Bay is the shortage of medical staff. There are over 300 medical practitioners employed per 100,000 people in Australia’s major cities, yet there are only about half that in many regional areas,” Mr Truss said.

The Coalition’s $27 million Regional Medical Workforce Plan will help increase the number of doctors, nurses and dentists in regional and remote Australia.

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