Mayor Ron Dyne
Mayor Ron Dyne

Levee Q&A informs the public

FOLLOWING the adoption of the Aurecon flood mitigation report by Gympie Regional Council earlier this month, Mayor Ron Dyne said he had been asked questions by residents and businesses.

"While the majority of people are supportive of the levee, there are questions I have been asked about the details of the project," said Cr Dyne this week.

"Although the report is quite clear in its recommendations, and invariably once people read the whole report they understand the issues and the rationale for the levee, I understand it is a detailed 105 page document and not everyone will have the chance to read it.

"It's important people understand the key issues and council must communicate that, so I have included here the top five questions I am being asked about the levee, and the corresponding answer."

Cr Dyne said this may be a long-term project and while it was important to encourage debate, council will also ensure factual information is made available to residents at every stage.

"The full report is available on council's website, along with a fact sheet and a full set of frequently asked questions.

"I also encourage anyone who has a question about the project to contact council at or call 1300 307 800."

Top 5 Levee Questions:

Will the levee cause flood waters to rise in other areas around Gympie?

Given the large volume of water moving down the river in a flood, the impact of the levee downstream is expected to be negligible. Modelling conducted by the consultants indicates a maximum rise of 10cm, although they expect it to be much less.

Who will benefit from the levy?

Property owners, business operators and their suppliers, customers and employees in the Gympie CBD will benefit directly and indirectly from reduced flooding. The levee will also provide benefits in terms of reputation and business confidence for the broader Gympie region.

Will the levee lead to a rate increase?

Council has a number of funding options for its $3.5 million contribution to the cost of the levee. As the timeframes are currently unknown council is yet to finalise the method of funding for this project, however it is unlikely that the levee will lead to a rate increase.

Will underground mine shafts in the area affect how the levee will work?

The expert consultants made initial investigations regarding what can be expected to be found underground and these challenges and anticipated costs have been taken into consideration. However, during the design phase of the project, extensive drilling and other investigations will take place to determine what is there and the actions which will need to be undertaken.

What will happen when there is a flood higher than 22m?

The levee will provide flood protection up to the 22m flood level, however higher floods can occur (as it did in 1893) which would result in flooding within the CBD. In the rare event that this happens, the flow of water will be controlled and carefully managed by allowing water to enter Nelson Reserve early through the underground stormwater tunnel.

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