LETTERS: Wind and solar farms are unpredictable


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Wind and solar farms are unpredictable


Why is it that those who promote the unreliable so-called renewable wind and solar farms, the extremist left Marxist and green folk, are so pedantic when it is a fact, they are unpredictable and not cheaper than fossil-fuelled generation infrastructure?

They are more expensive and with only a lifespan of about a third (15 to 20 years).

In comparison, fossil-fuelled generation plants work 24 hours a day and every day for half a century or more.

These are the comparison facts to follow PC Wilson's letter to the editor in The Morning Bulletin.

For years I have asked the climate change movement to present empirical evidence of climate change anywhere on planet earth.

But silence, no response.

Attitudes like theirs only demonstrate they have no argument and that climate change is a greater hoax than the Y2K presented during the 1990s.

The future is nuclear fusion generation and it is suggested this will be viable and available within 30 to 50 years.

Australia needs to consider building this infrastructure to service the capital cities and major regional centres.

Places like Mt Isa, Kalgoorlie, Alice Springs and other high users like large mining, use modular nuclear.

Adopting these future generation systems will remove many thousands of kilometres of towers and transmission lines.

By the end of this century, we will always have permanent baseload electricity, and we will be self-sustainable with modern industrial manufacturing and steelworks in the Pilbara and Central Queensland.

We all need to consider the sustainability of the nation, and the first thing to establish is electricity generation that does not include wind and solar farms.

Look over the horizon and have visions for the future.

Robert S Buick,

Mountain Creek, QLD.




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Harry's View.




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