LETTERS: Are you suffering the ‘Celtic curse’?



If you're celebrating "a touch of the Irish" in your blood on St Patrick's Day, spare a thought for whether this means you are pumping too much iron.

People of Celtic origin are more likely to have the iron overload condition haemochromatosis which is the most common genetic disorder in Australia.

About one in 200 people are genetically predisposed to it and one in seven are carriers.

The good news is that early detection means haemochromatosis is no barrier to a normal life and the condition is easily managed through blood donations.

But when undetected and untreated, it can cause organ/tissue damage and perhaps premature death.

So as you raise a glass to your heritage this year, vow to find out more about the "Celtic curse" from your GP or by visiting www.ha.org.au

Dr Dianne Prince

President, Haemochromatosis Australia.




Harry's View
Harry's View



LPMC. In July 2020 in the middle of Covid, the Qld Treasure announced a Public Service Pay freeze, no new public service positions and no asset sales saving $3Bil over 4 years. Treasurer Dick, nearly 12 mths on, its time for you to show the Balance Sheet on savings. Are these figures correct as planned or another miscalculation by this Labor Govt handling Qld Taxpayers money. If the Treasure can't supply figures, maybe Brittany and Barry can, surely they are up to date.


ANON. "Since colonisation, Australia has been built upon the lives and contributions of our immigrant population" (TMB 15/3). Yeah, thanks for the laughs.



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