Harry's view on the Queensland heatwave and bushfires.
Harry's view on the Queensland heatwave and bushfires.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: 1000 deaths daily



1000 deaths daily

ON YOUR "watch", Mr President, the reality is: 250,000 COVID-19 deaths, health workers without essential protection, many not yet tested.

While wasting precious time and resources, insisting the election was rigged and you won; "Rome burns"!

Mute Republicans, colluding with your claims, make a mockery of the democratic process.

Those who disagree, including the US cyber security chief, Christopher Krebbs, insisting this was the most secure election in US history, uncompromised, contradicting Trump's outrageous claims of voter fraud, are sacked.

Trump demands loyalty to his world view.

The world is watching this man taking revenge upon not only the obvious winner, but upon all who dance to a different drum.

"Pride goes before destruction".

- Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands



Disability Royal Commission Interim Report

I WELCOME the Disability Royal Commission's interim report on its first 15 months of operations.

There are many lessons to be learnt from the evidence shared with the Royal Commission by people whose lives have been impacted by violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation.

Abuse is not inevitable for people with disability and must not be tolerated under any circumstances.

The report makes special note of the difficulties of reaching all people with disability who have experienced abuse.

For this reason, Endeavour Foundation continues to encourage all people with disability to contact the Commission or an advocacy organisation that can assist them in doing so, if they wish to speak out.

I acknowledge the courage of those who have already come forward and shared their experiences, and I applaud the Commission's commitment to creating a safe, inclusive and accessible environment for people who wish to disclose abuse.

The interim report highlights many of the far-reaching challenges people with disability experience, from policy and funding constraints, sector practices and interfaces with other mainstream services to a lack of understanding and undesirable community behaviour.

We all must listen to people with disability who are speaking out in the Royal Commission, so our nation can become a place where people with disability feel safe, valued, and free to live the lives of their choosing.

- Andrew Donne, Endeavour Foundation CEO




Harry's view on the Queensland heatwave and bushfires.
Harry's view on the Queensland heatwave and bushfires.




ANON. I am not voting for anybody if there is a by-election. The outgoing mayor knew quite well what would happen. It has done nothing for our great city, but made us look like some backward good old boy hillbillies. Thanks for making us look like some place not to visit.




The names of the trails for the Mount Morgan Mountain Bike Trail Network have been declared.


Gavin Coleman: Mountain biking as a sport and leisure activity has absolutely boomed recently, ask any bike shop. I've spoken to many people at First Turkey that have travelled from all over Queensland to come here just to ride our trails. FYI we also buy breakfast, lunch etc. when in another town riding. I also understand that motorcross and off-roading should have their place. Tbh I'd have thought Mt Morgan would be stocked to have another attraction, personally I've been waiting eagerly to come ride up there.

Jason Bearham: Fantastic initiative by the council! CQ Region is really starting to go places with healthy and eco friendly sport and recreation facilities. Never said this before - but I can't wait to get up to Mt Morgan!

Ash Hart: As an ex local and recent visitor to Mt. Morgan, this is another council do good project put together obviously by people in Rocky without any consultation with the community and other people in the area. This dam and surrounding areas was and has been used for motor x and 4x4 for many many years. The dam area is a large space which could include all above activities. If the town wants a bike trail do it around in the town and its historical buildings. RRC previously had this dam area zoned for 4x4 and motor x tracks. Now the many people from locals to out of towers will no longer use this area. And again local businesses miss out. Seriously RRC a push bike track... For who to use? Mayor Pinapple Hooper and his bike collection?

Salv Ochoa: Ash Hart you have no idea what you are talking about. This is an MTB park...

If they do it well it could bring a hell of a lot of business to the town. Google "Derby MTB Tasmania". MTB saved the small town from disappearing. In fact the world enduro championship was held in Derby. Also MTB doesn't damage the environment like 4wding does. However I acknowledge that a park for the 4wdving and dirt bike enthusiasts needs to be considered, but with a business plan on how it can benefit the town, not just attracting bogans who destroy the environment.

Kerrilyn Page: Ash find the actual plan the original proposal has 4WD and motorcross tracks in it as well. Advance Rockhampton released it after significant consultation processes. Rome wasn't built in a day - and neither will be the sort of parks that are worthy to attract visitors. Private investment is also being encouraged. There is a much bigger picture being built here.

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