Malcolm Turnbull
Malcolm Turnbull

LETTERS: Pollies should give up perks too

Penalty rates

IF MR Turnbull is so certain that there is a need to abolish weekend penalty rates, go for it, as long as all workplaces close their doors including emergency services.

Let us live in a third world country and let the families take responsibility for care and management of family behaviours during such hours.

Other than that all the politicians could take a 10% salary cut and loose their lurks and perks like the rest of us.

Anne Keogh,

Mountain Creek.

Keep the library

MORNING, I certainly hope you keep up with The Loopy Library page - I (a grandma) really enjoy it.

I need it after the frustration of trying to unwrap the paper some mornings.

Are those who do the wrapping trying to work out the puzzle page instead of watching how the paper goes in?

I like to be able to read the printed paper while I am having brekkie - I have no wish to go digital, so keep the printed paper nicely wrapped for little old grandmothers.

Lyn Smith,


Vaccination debate

THERE are 23 million Australians, 1.7 % or 39,000 children out of 2.2 million Australian children under seven years of age, are currently registered with ACIR - National Vaccine Objection Data.

Absurdly, they are being blamed for outbreaks of diseases in a well vaccinated population.

Vaccines are not compulsory, but they will become mandatory if they are solely linked to welfare payments and childcare allowances, with no legal way out.

Immunisation Handbook 10th Edition, Valid Consent 2.1.3.

"It must be given voluntarily in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation."

Hence, it is not a valid consent if some parents are forced financially to make the decision to vaccinate their children. Furthermore, I pay taxes, so does this mean we should also take welfare away from smokers, alcoholics, drug addicts because some sectors of society thinks of them as immoral, lowly, and inept?

Patricia Bohackyj,

Healthy Families.

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