OPINION: Letters to the editor

Time for a change

I CERTAINLY do think Bronwyn Bishop should not stand as the Speaker after 'Choppergate'.

I also think Warren Truss should stand down after his shameless $21,570 expenditure on a chartered flight from Canberra to Brisbane.

Australia is paying $100million a day in interest on our huge debt and these politicians are spending like drunken sailors. I am also disgusted that public servants have power to allow expenditure such as this.

If you were in a private company and these amounts came to the finance department's attention, you would be sacked or demoted.

We desperately need to change our political system, and quickly.

M Rekdale,

Kin Kin.

Cows are people too

JOHN and Jenny Cameron accuse Jenny Moxham of trivialising rape. On the contrary, she is highlighting what happens to dairy cows in order for them to produce the milk that should be fed to their calves, instead it goes directly to humans.

The first milk, colostrum, that is vital for their health, now goes to athletes, who are led to believe it builds muscles, which is a lie perpetrated by the dairy industry.

Humans are the only species to drink another species' milk and to continue after they are weaned.

The calves, called 'bobby calves', are taken from their mothers only hours after birth.

The cows bellow and grieve for days.

These sentient animals have their unnatural volumes of milk drained from them until they are spent and of no further use, and are sent to slaughter.

Today we have delicious, healthier non dairy alternatives, so there is no longer a need to support this suffering.

Di Cornelius,

Seacliff Park, South Australia.

Smith Family thanks

I'M writing to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to Queenslanders for their tremendous support of The Smith Family's 2015 Winter Appeal.

The Smith Family, a national children's charity, launched its Winter Appeal on May 20 to raise $3.5 million by June 30, for the ongoing support of thousands of disadvantaged children across the country.

This year's appeal highlighted the vulnerability experienced by the one in 10 Australian children at a disadvantage, especially when they are at school and struggling to fit in and keep up with their classmates.

Our appeal brought attention to the isolating effects of disadvantage on children, and the fact that they often start school behind, slip further and further back and are at risk of being in poverty in the long term.

It is heartening that this message struck a chord with so many people who responded with great generosity to The Smith Family, ensuring we exceeded our Winter Appeal target and raised more than $3.7 million. I thank every individual who made a donation, and let them know that their help will have a direct, lasting impact on more than 9000 disadvantaged children.

Alan Le May, general manager,

The Smith Family, Queensland.

Gympie Times

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