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Gympie not Sydney

I AM not happy that 4GY has Sydney radio on it all of the time, and I want it to be a Gympie radio station.

Gympie needs a better radio station and just for Gympie.

Nicholas Baltzer,

Barter St.

Cows are not human


IT'S a bit like something out of The Muddle-Headed Wombat (with apologies to Gemma), except that Jenny Moxham's muddle-headed vegan "logic", (GT, July 21) is not at all funny.

We suspect that MsMoxham's only contact with cows has been the television.

How else could she believe that artificial insemination (AI) of cattle compares with sexual violation of humans?

Rape is a violent act in which the perpetrator cares nothing for the victim, who often suffers serious physical and emotional harm.

In contrast, AI is carried out only when the cow is receptive, and is done carefully so as to not cause harm.

Often when we have inseminated a cow and turn her out, she will stop and look at us as if to say, "Is that it?"

In 28 years, we have not yet seen a cow with ongoing physical or emotional problems.

On the contrary, cows tend to be happier when they are in calf as there are no more interruptions to their favourite pastime, eating.

If Ms Moxham is still unconvinced, she is welcome to come and provide counselling for them. Maybe a bit of advice on make-up and fashion would help too.

A lot of good people are working to curb violence in our society. Please don't trivialise their efforts by comparing cattle with women.

If you want more proof that cows aren't human, consider the fact that cows will happily mate with their own father and sons. In humans that is called incest. AI easily manages this problem.

Why do people with the least knowledge of a subject often make the most noise?

Our advice to Ms Moxham is still the same: go and work on a farm and gain some real experience. Farmers are feeding the world, what are you doing for your fellow humans?

John and Jenny Cameron,

Woop Woop,

Lagoon Pocket.

Thanks for support

ON BEHALF of everyone at Guide Dogs Queensland, I would like to offer my sincere thanks to the community for naming Guide Dogs as Australia's Most Trusted Charity for the third year running. We are very grateful to receive this recognition through the Reader's Digest Most Trusted Brand awards, which positively reflects our values and the special relationship our guide dogs share with their blind or vision-impaired handlers.

It is deeply humbling to be recognised for our vital work, which enables thousands of Queenslanders with low or no vision to be more independent every year.

Every hour of every day, an Australian learns that they will lose their sight. Nine of these people eventually go blind.

Over the next 10 years at least 400 guide dogs will need to be trained to keep up with the growing demand, at a cost of over $15 million. Your ongoing support will enable us to ensure they won't be left alone in the dark.

Barb Tasker,

CEO, Guide Dogs Queensland.

Gympie Times

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