Clive and Kathy Sandison own Roundabout Tours.
Clive and Kathy Sandison own Roundabout Tours. Patrick Woods

Letters: Keep Roundabout Tours on our roads, council

Two letters to the editor on the Gympie Regional Council's handling of Roundabout Tours:

No need for a heavy hand

WHY would the council come the heavy hand on Clive with his buses? Clive has run businesses from his home for many years.

Surely the council could have handled this in a better way. Okay, someone has complained to the council, but sometimes these people complain out of spite or envy of someone who is having a go and successful. Maybe some of the councillors have been in small business and should know what it is like to put everything they own on the line to run a business and employ people.

But the other councillors and council staff who work government jobs and such and collect a pay packet and all their conditions like overtime, rostered days off, holiday pay and sick pay and such do not understand what a person in small business goes through and doesn't receive these benefits.

Clive Sandison is an honest and a very good man and a hard worker trying to get ahead and at Clive's age he could retire and live on the pension but he chooses to work and employ.

Gympie has already lost businesses such as Elliot's Sawmill and Gympie Solar. I have lived in Gympie for 45 years. In my earlier years in plumbing, I dealt with plumbing inspectors such as Ron Preston, John Matthews, Noel Gluch, Tom Turner and Des McDowell. These men were gentlemen, strict but fair, always approachable. I think we are on the brink in Gympie and the council in whole should encourage all businesses big and small.

Sure there are laws to go by in setting up businesses, but the council should try to help the business overcome these problems.

They create jobs that Gympie needs and for goodness sake, leave my mate Clive Sandison alone.

Brian Malouf,


Fair go for the Sandisons

I AM at a loss to understand why it has taken 10 years for someone to decide that Mr and Mrs Sandison cannot run their business from their property. It sounds very much like sour grapes to me.

And a lot of senior citizens, including me, are not going to be happy if they are forced to move or close down.

The Sandisons are a caring couple who go out of their way to ensure you have a great trip, a safe trip and even pick you up and deliver you back home if need be.

Please, there must be a solution.

A. Gwillim,



MAYOR Mick Curran has told The Gympie Times the council has found two alternative sites for Roundabout Tours' buses and Mr Sandison has confirmed the business will continue to operate.

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