LETTERS: Females who succeed are entitled to respect


Battle of the sexes

Statistics have shown that women earning more than their partners are more likely to be victims of "domestic violence".

What is it in our male culture that offends men who feel frustrated and jealous enough to hurt and destroy a relationship with partners who outperform them?

Many females today are career women who have achieved their status in their own right.

Men seem to be more competitive than women, but is this a male-only attribute? Most males see themselves as the "breadwinner" in a relationship, failing to recognise that "gender equality" may mean their partners can also "bring home the bacon".

In the third millennium, women are liberated to progress in their work lives, to be promoted in many male-dominated, professional cultures. Women are just as capable but, historically, have been relegated to family and home duties as the norm.

Many professional women today are willing to forego family for careers. This tends to expose them to be labelled and victimised as far as their subordinates are concerned.

Women in power seems to be an affront to men not up to standard. It may often lead to war between the sexes, in working and home environments. Insecurity and jealousy may be the root cause of many physical attacks on the vulnerable.

Many cultures are environments where males and females interact but not all participants are mature enough to accept that females who succeed are entitled to respect.

Men play out their insecurities in power games where there are winners and losers. The rise in "relationship violence" in our society is alarming and concerning.

There is still the impenetrable glass ceiling to challenge women on the rise.

- Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands




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