Letter: Trump is a rude awakening for the world

US President-Elect Donald Trump pictured in his first address to the American people since his election.
US President-Elect Donald Trump pictured in his first address to the American people since his election.


BE CAREFUL what you wish for, America.

The nation's 300 million Americans will discover Donald Trump is all about himself and his own business interests. A wolf in sheep's clothing.

The January day of his inauguration will see a president known for his multi-business interests, with the USA in his sights to promote not only himself, but his own business agenda.

This makes him one of the most powerful men on the planet; a rude awakening for the world.

His narcissistic tendencies and self-interests, as well as keeping his own close family in the political loop, will soon manifest, once he rules in his own right. He has no intentions, already stated since November 8, of letting his children run his business interests without him, despite his previous convictions to do so.

He has succeeded to win a seemingly unwinnable feat, to the horror of Republican conservatives and mockers, all on the premise of his promise for change for the gullible. Those who were spellbound by the rhetoric, disillusioned by the staid and impotent political agenda of the previous administration in Washington to change their status in a time of globalisation and mortgage stress, believe he is the messiah.

He will dictate his terms. He is unstoppable.

He avoids the media, which he believes is corrupt, so he can display his contempt of all things not in his own interests, only seen on the internet. He has never had a positive relationship with the media, there as the voice of the people, making all politicians answerable.

If he can convince his followers, the true believers, the media is the enemy, this makes his personal dialogue online their Bible. He has already shown his true colours, to the detriment of many who voted for change to the old guard.

His fake humility and back-downs regarding the "wall” and Hillary are false modesty, seemingly to convince the sceptics that he is modifying his rhetoric.

With both political houses under majority Republican control, he has absolute power to direct the Republican Party to vote in the policies which promote his business interests, both nationally and internationally.

E. Rowe,



WHY did Cr Daryl Dodt join the Facebook group Gympie Regional Forum (this week)?

Why did he leave the page within hours?

He was welcomed by five members.

Now his behaviour is rude; denigrating our local newspaper and our citizens.

In his words, "nasties” is the term for residents who post on Gympie Regional Forum page. This is what he calls his electors; his constituents.

Many of us have given him the benefit of the doubt for too long.

I ignored his damming video for four days at least, shaking my head in disbelief, as his dialogue was aimed at myself, members of GRF and The Gympie Times.

Then I thought, "hang on, if a teenager posted that video and Facebook posts telling people not to buy the local newspaper, he/she would not escape proper retribution”.

Why is Cr Dodt escaping any form of retribution for his behaviour? Why is he still a councillor?

We, the people, should not be targeted by a councillor who should be working for the people.

No I won't write a legal letter calling foul as I won't hide behind the ratepayers' money, and the name of Gympie Regional Council. I wouldn't ever stress a senior citizen by sending a letter like that.

You said to me in council chambers on October 26, 2016, at a council meeting that you didn't know your name was on that letter of demand to me. Why didn't you state that at the start?

If that is the case, the Mayor Mick Curran and CEO Bernard Smith have more explaining to the residents and ratepayers, besides the enormous cost of same letter.

Local government is serious business. This is a bad situation for Gympie. We will be a laughing stock very soon nationally. Not by my hand, that is for sure. I love Gympie too much.

Kathy Little Walker,


Gympie Times

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