Gympie five ways  town hall
Gympie five ways town hall

LETTER: Resident calls for councillor's proof

Letter to the Editor:

MAL Gear's letter (Gympie Times, October 22, Claims against council untrue). Your "untrue” claims need much more clarification.

Kathy Walker is commenting on matters that have been raised by the community on numerous occasions, matters that are raised because of the lack of meaningful community engagement by our council.

You are in a more privileged position than the ratepayers who pay your councillor salary, to know whether the items you selected from her Facebook page are all untrue or maybe a third party advised you that they were all untrue.

Regardless of where the "untrue” information came from, you should prove to us that Mike Hartley is not being treated unfairly by this council or its staff, prove that funds are not down by $30 million if that amount is way off the mark.

Also prove that the Aquatic Centre will be finished at the awarded contracted price publicised in council meeting minutes November, 4, 2015, of $16,942,986 and prove that there are no short or long term plans to sell off the water and waste assets to a water utility under the Urban Water Reform program controlled by the Queensland Water Regional Alliance involving the LGAQ and Queensland Water.

You want us to take your word that all the matters raised by Kathy Walker are "untrue” however until meaningful community engagement and transparency, sadly lacking in this council, is rectified, all things will remain doubtful.

It is your responsibility to prove all the matters haunting this council are "untrue”.

These matters will only be resolved when all councillors adhere to Section 4 item (2) of the Local Government Act 2009 (the Act) which outlines the five Local Government Principles that underpin the Act.

If you or any other councillors are not familiar with the five principles, you should acquaint yourselves with them and make sure they are introduced into this council.

Ross Caulfield,


Gympie Times

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