STRIKE FORCE: Students wave their banners high.
STRIKE FORCE: Students wave their banners high. Elliot Kirkwood

Climate change-denying grandpa slams student 'riots'

Dear Sir.

I am writing to express my outrage and disgust at the behaviour of those 5,000 young hooligans who rioted, yes rioted, on our streets at last Friday's School Strike for Climate Action March.

Many of these malcontents were young women who, in my opinion, would have been far better off attending to their needlework and cooking classes and making themselves more attractive prospects for marriage.

I place the blame for this breakdown in our social fabric squarely at the feet of our education system and our misguided efforts to encourage the flower of our country's maidenhood to study STEM subjects.

Nowadays its all buzzwords and slang like STEM, an acronym of Science, Technology, English and Mathematics, that I just cannot abide. It's giving many young folk ideas that are well above their station.

The study of STEM subjects should be about producing well mannered graduates focussed on jobs and growth and building careers as doctors, solicitors and business mangers.

Young women, who may for some reason choose to remain at school beyond year 10, would count themselves lucky to marry one of these fine young men.

But now, with the infiltration of left leaning teachers, boys and more alarmingly girls are using this STEM based knowledge to stridently criticise their elders.

These days students who study Science are being brainwashed by fat cat university researchers writing textbooks claiming there is too much carbon in the atmosphere and we are in the midst of a so called Climate Emergency. Climate storm in a teacup is more like it.

I have heard that 99.7% of scientists adhere to this conspiracy in the hopes of personal enrichment from the research grants that shower willy-nilly onto our tertiary institutions.

Students of Technology are no better with many of the youngsters believing they have the right to start designing solutions to our Climate Emergency.

Many of those solutions would involve changes to our Australian way of life that may see families owning just one car. Some believe many of these far fetched designs would be powered by the sun, but that's no help at night.

Girls studying English are probably the most dangerous.

Many are reading feminist texts- I don't know what they are but they sound very un-lady-like. Still others are reading history books that do not have the British Empire and Western Civilisation at their centre, its enough to make Simpson fall off his donkey.

Some students at last Friday's riot were using their English skills to write signs full of obscene double entendres. Still others were using skills learned in drama classes to make speeches designed to persuade other vulnerable youngsters to their cause.

The study of English and History is truly dangerous. I fear that many of those upstarts may become unemployable and end up as journalists.

Finally, the study of MATHS should by rights be providing us with accountants to work in our well regarded banking and insurance industries and large multi-national companies.

Instead many are using their numeric skills to ask impertinent questions about off shore tax havens, negative gearing, the difficulty of living on Newstart allowance and where the money promised for the NDIS may have got to. Some are even assisting the Technology students to destroy our way of life.

Really, this is Gardening Australia all over again.

Just when you think you can settle in for some handy tips on growing a lovely English cottage garden or buying the correct rake along comes Costa Georgiadis with his wise cracks and Dad jokes, using words like sustainability and regeneration and carrying on like there was some kind of land management system in place before Captain Arthur Phillip imposed civilisation on our unruly land.

Finally, when I was out and about being shouted down by impudent school children I did notice the dreadful silver sculpture has been removed from the Ewingsdale roundabout.

Council should move quickly to install a statue of Captain James Cook discovering Byron Bay. It would compliment the statue of Donald Bradman we so badly need in Railway Park perfectly.

Finally, it is manifestly clear that society has placed men like me in positions of power and authority for a very good reason. Our role is to keep a steady hand on the tiller and ensure the world proceeds as it always has and I will not tolerate a young girl from Sweden, or anywhere else for that matter, questioning my authority.

I don't need any so called science or facts to know I am right, now let that be an end to it.

Outraged of Byron Bay, address withheld.

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