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LETTER: Concern over distasteful front page

I WRITE concerning the Thursday November 17,  2016 edition of The Gympie Times.

The front page indicated a tawdry attempt at humour with the headline "OH, S#*T" and to me a distasteful review of a recent court case.

The story continued further within the paper.

I was disappointed that this front page story was the feature, despite two "good news" stories on page 2 and 3; the first regarding the recent retirement of Senior Constable Nayler  and the other depicting happy photos of students at their formals.

On page 4, we were confronted with a story on a win in Gold Lotto, where the winner was quoted as saying "Holy moly! Jesus Christ!"


I think the reporting of the comment, using the Holy Name of Jesus, many would consider a blasphemous comment and an affront to their Christian upbringing.

I would ask that your paper please apologise for printing such a comment, even if it was the spontaneous response of an excited person. If the person had used the 'f" word would you have printed this.

Again, in a future report on any other instance if a person was to use the "c" word would you print this. I think not. A retraction is in order.                                                                  

I await your early response.

Ken Garner,




IN A world where the censorship line is becoming more and more blurred, the media have a responsibility to present the information we are faced with daily in a way that accurately conveys the truth of a story.   This was the case of the front page story headed "OH, S#*T" in Thursday's paper, where we reported on a member of society at their lowest point.   While we never intend to offend anybody, it is a reality of today's changing world that stories like this will present themselves from time to time.   While we reserve the right to publish the news in a way that we see fit, we also take seriously our commitment to our readers.   In the case of the story on page 4 in the same edition, where a Gold Lotto winner was quoted as saying "Holy Moly. Jesus Christ", we are also bound to accurately report direct quotes.   We sincerely apologise if in both instances we offended any readers.                                                                                                                               

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