Let's try just being our healthiest, bumps and all

THE woman and her body. It can be one of the more tedious, high-maintenance, dysfunctional, love-hate relationships in a woman's life.

And yet, it is the one which, above all others, we should be embracing.

Earlier this week, I read of a friend's new year resolution: I'm going to be skinnier and a unicorn.

Certainly, it was a joke.

But then again, the thought of working hard, watching every mouthful and simply making time to be "body beautiful" is about as seemingly impossible as becoming, as she said, a unicorn.

But take a different approach.

Let's redefine that which we know as a beautiful body.

Now I'll fess up: I have more dimples and wrinkles, lumps and bumps than the surface of the moon.

Even that statement will bring about a cringe and a furrowed brow. But I say, suck it up.

Over the years I have come to know my flaws; maybe not love them, but certainly accept them for what they are.

I'm not about to trot off to have expensive and painful surgery (although I say more power to my friends who have because goodness knows, they look fabulous for it), so it's either something I labour over to fix or something I roll with - so to speak.

In a world where Renee Zellweger's face, Kirsty Alley's bum, Oprah's waistline and Michelle Obama's arms still get more than a fair crack of headline exposure it's easy to see why our bodies are such a touchy and emotional issue.

And that's without even mentioning a bloody Kardashian.

Cross fit, clean eating, supplements, squats, fad diets, pills, potions … but what about something a bit revolutionary: Just be the healthiest version of you.

We are not all late-30s models of Cameron Diaz.

And at 50+ most of us won't look like Elle MacPherson … But you are you. And how wonderful is that?

This year, be healthy. Accept your body. Dress to your shape - and more importantly, to your taste.

If you've got it, flaunt it - whatever "it" in your own mind might be.

Don't suffer the foolish indulgence of harsh self-critique.

Surely, life is too short. And you're too fabulous.

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