Let’s talk about fences

ANY landholder would know that fences are an important and essential, albeit costly, part of managing any property.

Without the right planning and material, fences are at risk of becoming inundated and eventually washed away during high rainfall events, particularly in the Kin Kin area, leaving stock stranded.

Landholders are being invited to attend a workshop hosted this Saturday in Kin Kin Hall by SEQ Catchments and Noosa and District Landcare.

Environmental engineer and water scientist Ian Bell will be presenting and providing guidance around ood planning when it comes to putting up your fences, including layout and styles suitable for different property types, as well as flood roof fencing currently available on the market.

Susie Chapman from SEQ Catchments said the workshop was suitable for landholders with any size property and for people with livestock, such as cows or horses, particularly close to waterways.

"Fencing areas of your property is an important investment for any landholder and some good planning at the start will see you save you money in the long term," Ms Chapman said.

"Fencing allows you to manage movement of your livestock across your property and high traffic areas, especially along waterways, giving grasses a chance to recover and preventing the creek banks from becoming degraded and eroded.

"We'll also be visiting a local property of a retired grazing extension officer, Bob Clem, with a lifetime of knowledge and experience on pastures and grazing.

"Bob will be on hand to provide some guidance and answer any questions around the different types of grasses that can be typically found on properties in the Kin Kin area and the important role that good cover of grasses and legumes play in keeping your property healthy and productive."

The workshop will also involve a visit to a nearby property to talk through a real life fencing example.

RSVP essential to Susie Chapman 0400 910 682,

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