JUDGEMENT: Shane Paulger (right) with Bob Katter says the LNP Government should be judged on its record, not its promises.
JUDGEMENT: Shane Paulger (right) with Bob Katter says the LNP Government should be judged on its record, not its promises. Greg Miller

Voters will see through desperate promises says Paulge

MULTI-million-dollar LNP promises could have been kept a long time ago if they were genuine, Katter's Australian Party Gympie candidate Shane Paulger said yesterday.

Mr Paulger dismissed a week of Cabinet ministers, gifts and promises from the LNP's Tony Perrett as "politicians' promises".

Mr Paulger's scepticism comes amid growing anger at threats that even Cabinet-level promises will only be kept in electorates which choose an LNP representative.

"I believe it is probable the LNP will need our support to form Government," Mr Paulger said.

That means independent and minor party candidates would be in a position to keep the Government honest on its promises - and their own.

But Mr Paulger said his promises were affordable and would not require asset sales to fund them.

"One thing that is not negotiable, as far as we are concerned, is asset sales," he said.

"No politician has the right to sell assets accumulated over generations when they're only in power for a few years.

"That's our kids' kids' future," he said.

He described promises funded by asset sales as "short sighted gimmicks".

"We won't even negotiate on it, be very clear on that," he said. "Newman says they won't sell unless they get the right price, so where's the money going to come from?

"How are they going to make the promises add up then?"

He said voters would be better off judging the Government on what had already been done.

"If they've done such a good job in Government, why did they have to assassinate Gibbo?" he said, referring to David Gibson, the sitting LNP member who leaves parliament at the end of the week.

Mr Paulger says his party leader Bob Katter says politicians can't win on integrity "because they think we're all liars anyway".

"Well I'm not," said Mr Paulger, a candidate who paid a high price for his honest representation of dairy farmers in negotiations with milk processors.

The price, according to many dairy farmers at the time, included Mr Paulger losing his milk supply contract.

These days he supplies his dairy product to a co-operative in northern New South Wales, which exports to Asia.

And that is what he wants for dairy farmers in the Mary Valley - a co-operative export venture that keeps farms in family ownership.

"We want jobs back," he said, "the things they have taken away, like TAFE."


Odds on LNP and Perrett, Newman to lose

THE LNP is still the gambler's favourite to win the state election and appears to be firming in the Sportsbet online betting market.

But Campbell Newman is in some trouble in his home electorate of Ashgrove, according to the odds.

A bet on the LNP to retain Government in Queensland would pay only $1.10 yesterday, in from $1.13.

A Labor bet will return $6 and a win by any other party would give the minority of punters backing them odds of $251.

Meanwhile in Ashgrove, the LNP (that is, Mr Newman) is paying $2.25 to win and Labor, the clear favourite represented by former Environment Minister Kate Jones, is paying $1.60.

Any other winner in Ashgrove would pay $51.

A double bet on the party to win the election and the party to win in Ashgrove becomes more complex, but still shows favouritism for an LNP Government without Campbell Newman.

A win for the LNP overall and Labor in Ashgrove was the clear favourite on yesterday's market, paying $1.90.

And while that is still almost double-your-money odds and far from a sure thing, the next in the market, the LNP to win both, was paying $2.25.

Labor to win both was way out there at $6 and "any other result" was paying $51.

Meanwhile, right here in Gympie, the punters are still predicting a walk home for LNP candidate Tony Perrett, although Mr Perrett says he never believes that sort of advice.

He is favoured to win at $1.02, Shane Paulger of Katter's Australian Party is paying $13 and the ALP $21.

A hung parliament will pay $6.

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