YOUR SAY: Let the people have their say with email database

NOMINATIONS for Division 6 and 7 councillor positions appear to be in the vicinity of 50 applications.

It is going to be time consuming for all applicants to be interviewed for a three minute time period.

A simplified method of choosing the successful applicant would be collecting eligible email addresses with the next rate notices from those ratepayers interested in a voice in council decision making.

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Emails could be sent to all registered email addresses in the division asking for their preference out of all nominations.

Council could narrow the nominations to three or even one, giving the divisional ratepayers a say.

This data base could be used for many other decision making processes giving the public a say in future direction of council.

Displaying proposals for public consultation, like the beautification of Smithfield and Upper Mary Sts, at the Civic Centre recently which employed two staff could be a thing of the past.

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I was the only person there for a period of approximately 45 minutes.

Talking to some business people in upper Mary St, none had viewed the proposals.

These plans could have been sent to the email database for people to view at their leisure.

Proposed plans of the foreshore at Tin Can Bay could be sent to Division 1 ratepayers for comment rather than hold a public display for two months.

Not many seem to view these public displays.

The uses of this database would be endless.

Any business that does not have a database these days does not have a business.

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The following are just a few different proposals that could get public comment via an email database: the future of lower Mary St, proposed location of a Central Transit and Information Centre, master plan discussions for the Showgrounds, how to generate extra local income from the Gympie Music Muster, Gympie Regional Council staffing locations and many more.

It has been suggested that council hold more public meetings rather than workshops so the public can attend.

Why would the public attend when they can't comment on any of the proceedings?

Allocation of a time where the public could voice their views and ideas by appointment would give them more reason to attend.

Resulting in a more transparent council.

I might be able to squeeze some of these ideas and more into about three years but if I am only going to get three minutes, I will give it my best shot.

Ross Caulfield,

Nominee Division 7.

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