'Stay off the grog'

"LAY OFF the alcohol," Magistrate Maxine Baldwin warned Darren John Bennett, 40, of Settlement Rd, Curra, who faced two counts of creating a public nuisance on December 26 last year and on January 1.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Lisa Manns said Bennett had been arrested after an altercation with another man on Monkland St, about 12.30am on December 26 while police were patrolling the area.

"They were agitated and sizing each other up in a combative manner. The defendant threw a punch at the other person and police physically intervened. He's been given fines in the past and probation might help the defendant," Snr Const Manns told the court.

Solicitor Greg Scott, for Bennett, said his client had a bottle of tequila at home which he'd shared with others, but when he said they'd had enough, they told him they would break into the MVHR and that was when the fight broke out.

As for the January 1 incident, Mr Scott said his client noticed a man fighting with his girlfriend and stepped in to protect the girl. The court heard Bennett was due to have brain surgery.

"After a brain injury, you continued to drink. Have your doctors told you not to drink?" the magistrate asked.

"I only drank on two occasions," Bennett said.

"And the moral of the story is?" Mrs Baldwin prompted.

"The moral of the story is don't drink," he replied.

Bennett was placed on nine months probation and fined $200 for the incidents which breached his existing community service order.

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USC Gympie numbers on the rise

USC Gympie numbers on the rise

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