Lawyer says ASADA appeal would be waste of money

A LEADING Melbourne lawyer called a potential ASADA appeal of the AFL's anti-doping tribunal's clearing of 34 Essendon players a "gross waste of money".

David Galbally told Melbourne sports radio station SEN "it wouldn't surprise him" if the anti-doping agency appealed the tribunal's decision.

"I think it would be foolhardy and a gross waste of money, and public money for that," Mr Galbally said.

"And if they did and they lost it then I think the Federal Government should have an inquiry into the effectiveness of both of those organisations because I think it should be just let lie as it is ... in my view it's a proper finding."

Mr Galbally's comments came after ASADA chief Ben McDevitt said the organisation was considering an appeal.

Speaking at a media conference in Canberra on Wednesday, Mr McDevitt (pictured) described the club's 2012 supplements program as a "disgrace".

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