Crocodile traps set-up in Mary River

UPDATE: Crocodile traps have been set in the Mary River in the hope of catching crocodiles believed to be roaming in the area.

The Department of Environment and Hertiage said there were two specific crocodiles that were being targeted.

"EHP wildlife officers are working to capture the crocodiles using floating traps and would relocate them to a crocodile farm or zoo," an EHP spokesperson said.

There are two trap set-ups. One is near the Mary River-Tinana Creek area and the other near Grahams Creek. EHP has had 11 crocodile sightings in the Mary River this year.

That equals to one crocodile sighting a month.

An EHP spokesperson said the problem was that the crocodiles were not actually meant to be in the Mary River.

"There are very few estuarine crocodiles in the Mary River and it is not the population itself which is of concern to EHP," they said.

"Under Queensland's crocodile management arrangements, the Mary River is considered to be outside of the estuarine crocodile's normal range and any animal found in the river is targeted for removal.

"Crocodiles are wary by nature and it often takes time for an animal to get used to having a trap in its territory and to be willing to enter the trap.

"It is therefore vital for people to stay away from any trap they see in the area."


The Mary River, where there have been 11 reported sightings of crocodiles.
The Mary River, where there have been 11 reported sightings of crocodiles. Carlie Walker


EARLIER: A LARGE crocodile has been spotted in the Mary River... again.

Hervey Bay's Allan Kirkegaard saw the giant reptile near the Henry Palmer Bridge at about 9.20am this morning.

Mr Kirkegaard said he has regularly driven through the area for 38 years but this was the first time he has seen a crocodile there.

"I was driving my truck, and looked out the window and there it was," he said.

"It was about 3m long; I could see from its head to its tail.

"The croc was in the water, swimming away.

"It looked pretty relaxed."

Mr Kirkegaard believes that the crocodile he saw could have been the same one that another motorist spotted last month.

In October, a motorist witnessed a cow being dragged into the Mary River by a crocodile in the same area.

At the time the story came out, some accused the motorist of imagining the situation.

On this occasion, Mr Kirkegaard wasn't the only one to lay eyes on the beast.

"A truck driver behind me and I were talking on a two-way radio and I told him to look out to see the crocodile," Mr Kirkegaard said.

"He didn't believe me, but then he turned and saw it."

Previously, Mr Kirkegaard lived in Northern Territory and Northern Queensland for a combined total of 13 years.

During this, he experienced plenty of crocodiles encounters.

"The 3m croc is actually pretty small," he said.

I've never had a bad encounter with a crocodile.

Mr Kirkegaard said he did not report his crocodile sighting to authorities as he does not want it culled.

"In my opinion, they should be left alone," he said.

"They're not doing any harm."

Fraser Coast resident Kylie Davis commented on a post in the Brickbats and Bouquets Fraser Coast Facebook page that she has also seen a crocodile recently.

"Seen one the other day near the mill having a feed," she wrote.

The Fraser Coast Chronicle has contacted the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection for comment.

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